Storycatchers Theatre



Art can heal, and Storycatchers gives young people a chance to tell their stories and rebuild their lives when they’re released from the justice system.

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Chicago Beyond’s investment in Storycatchers is an opportunity to break the cycle of reincarceration within Chicago’s juvenile justice system. Chicago Beyond is working with Storycatchers to grow the impact of their post-release employment program, Changing Voices. Previously a part-time program, with the support of Chicago Beyond, Changing Voices now runs full-time, and empowers young people to write their true stories. These resilient youth turn narratives, often influenced by traumatic life-experiences, into powerful musical theatre. They perform these stories for the community and facilitate discussions to create change in themselves and their audience. The program ultimately prepares them for meaningful education and/or career-oriented employment. 

Our investment includes research into the overall effectiveness of Storycatchers, as well as thought partnership into the organization’s expansion, improvement, and future success.

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