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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest in supporting Chicago Beyond’s work. Often we receive questions on how individuals might uplift leaders and organizations for potential partnership with Chicago Beyond. Please see responses to commonly asked questions below.


How are selections made for Chicago Beyond partnerships?

When evaluating potential investment partners, Chicago Beyond evaluates the following criteria:

  • Proximity – Do organizational leaders have lived experiences and meaningful proximity to the issue they are working to improve?
  • Impact – What are the quantitative and qualitative impact signals from the work, and are these rooted in the voices of community members?
  • Accountability – How is the organization accountable to the people it supports, and does it have pathways for community members to impact decisions?
  • Undervalued ideas – Has the organization received less access to resources relative to the scale of what they are working to achieve, and how might significant funding enhance their work?
  • Systemic potential – With sufficient resources, how might this organization’s work influence a shift in how systems operate?
How do I apply for funding?

Chicago Beyond is not reviewing unsolicited nominations for funding at this time. Through our ongoing discussions with grant partners, community connections across the country, and continuous research, our investing team works to identify leaders and organizations closest to the issues for potential partnership, while reducing organizational burden. We fund in this way to ensure nonprofits are able to remain focused on mission aligned work.