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Healing-Centered Framework

Education Rooted in Healing for All

Beginning in 2019, Chicago Beyond partnered with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to help articulate CPS’s vision for a healing-centered school district, as well as drive tactical efforts to bring this framework to life.

Building upon this framework, CPS has taken meaningful steps to strengthen its healing-centered educational practices, including a districtwide rollout of Behavioral Health Teams, better use of data to support holistic student intervention strategies, and the first-ever launch of CPS’s Healing-Centered Conference in 2023.

Healing-Centered Framework for Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Beyond’s partnership supported CPS’s commitment to ensuring the collective wellness of students, staff, families, caregivers, and communitiesWorking together, we developed a nationally replicable healing-centered framework to provide students with the support and opportunities needed to be well and succeed in college, career, and civic life.  


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