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Mirror Tool

An Evidence-Based Guide to Higher-Quality Decisions

When funders review grant applications, we are called on to make high-quality and equitable decisions. However, unconscious bias skews all human decision-making. Research shows that we can reduce bias by slowing ourselves down to recognize and address unconscious factors.

The Mirror Tool is a reflection guide that enables funders to make more conscious choices when evaluating funding applications during the grantmaking process. Ultimately, this leads to more effective individual and collective participation, and higher-quality decisions.

Mirror Tool

We invite you to use the Mirror Tool as a reflection guide to make more conscious choices in funding decisions.

Note: Mirror Tool © 2023 by Chicago Beyond is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Resources to Address Bias

  • Why Am I Always Being Researched?

    A guidebook that provides funders, researchers, and nonprofit organizations with a more equitable way to approach research and address the universal power dynamics that exist within the nonprofit space.

  • Recognizing Bias To Unleash Impact

    Chicago Beyond’s Founder and CEO, Liz Dozier, shares examples of bias in philanthropy and how to ensure it does not get in the way of impact.