Inner-City Muslim Action Network



It’s impossible for anyone to reach their fullest potential — succeed in school, keep a job — if their life is in danger. So in 2017, we partnered with the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) to develop and pilot their first Youth Leadership Home, a safe house for young men in high-risk situations to go to when their lives depend on it. There they receive mentorship, education support, job training, and the opportunity to create a new life path.

The program was a success, so we took the concept to the next level with the Safe Home for Youth and Families, making sure young men and the ones they love stay together and stay safe. Family separation can have lasting negative effects, so this phase was crucial in giving young people a foundation to grow and thrive.

Along with the Safe Home for Youth and Families, we further developed IMAN’s Beloved Community Kitchen and Ceramic Studio — hubs for community building, job training, and artistic expression. Those living in the Safe Home have the opportunity to access both, building skills and a strong support system for young men.

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