Lawndale Christian Legal Center



Lawndale Christian Legal Center (LCLC) provides community-based holistic legal and social services to minors and emerging adults at every step of the juvenile and adult criminal justice system, helping to provide them with a path away from the criminal justice system toward school and employment. LCLC recognizes equitable legal defense for youth requires a holistic support system – from lawyers, case managers, and street outreach staff to wraparound supports from community partners. LCLC’s innovative holistic model, helps to set the youth population that is served on a pathway to success. 

LCLC and Chicago Beyond’s partnership enables LCLC to expand their services to more young people in North Lawndale while learning more about their model’s impact. Ultimately, the partnership has the potential to drive systemic change and transform how criminal defense is provided for all young people in Chicago and beyond.

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