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Creating healing and justice in our communities

Ujimaa Medics (UMedics) is an organization building resilient, well, self-determined Black communities by spreading emergency and community care first response skills. Their trainings and workshops teach community members how to provide life-saving care across multiple emergency situations, strengthening their ability to ensure that they, their families, and their community are safe, well, and cared for.

Our Investment

Chicago Beyond’s $500,000 investment in UMedics sought to enable the organization to expand programming, support staff, and strengthen learning to improve program outcomes. In partnership with Chicago Beyond, UMedics has grown into a full-time operation delivering more than 50 workshops per year. They have also deepened institutional relationships and grown national reach. Most importantly, human lives have been saved as a direct result of UMedics’ work.

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Our Philosophy

Chicago Beyond amplifies the impact of solutions driven by those closest to the issues. We aim to notice, relate, and work differently, both as a funder and as a partner to those we invest in. By consistently applying these practices, we recenter humanity in philanthropy and all that we do.

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