Our correctional institutions are unsafe for the communities inside and outside their walls. Now more than ever, we must shift our concept of safety away from one predicated on control to one that creates the conditions for all communities – inside and outside of correctional walls – to be and feel protected, resilient, and whole.

That is holistic safety.

Join Chicago Beyond’s Managing Director of Justice Initiatives and former warden of Cook County jail, Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia, as we bring together national leaders in criminal legal reform to discuss the path to holistic safety, including why it requires the empowerment of people with lived experience, what role correctional administrators can play, and how we can find unity in our shared harms, healing and expertise.

This virtual event will serve as the launch of Do I Have the Right to Feel Safe?: A Vision for Holistic Safety in Corrections, a unifying vision crafted by Chicago Beyond in partnership with current and former correctional administrators and people with lived experience in the carceral system.