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How To Citizen with Barantunde: How to Use Your Voice on Social Justice

On Thursday, September 3rd, 2020, our Leader in Residence Nneka Jones Tapia interviewed comedian and author Baratunde Thurston for Chief’s Election 2020 series. The topic of the conversation was ‘How to Use Your Voice on Social Justice,’ and Baratundeauthor of How to Be Blackand host of the podcast How to Citizen, shared his perspective on the responsibility that we, as members of society, have to speak out and act against injustice. 

Below are four fast quotes that capture Baratunde’s challenge to the audience:

  • If we’re in relationship with others and recognize our intrinsic interconnectedness then there is no other; so, helping others is actually helping yourself.
  • As an organization speaking out against injustice it’s not enough to craft and publicize a statement, you must invest in the fight against injustice through your actions. The statement is not worth as much as the action.
  • Don’t waste your time feeling bad about privilege. You don’t see Superman moping around.
  • As long as you’ve studied enough, as long as you are honest about why you’re trying to do or say anything, then it is incumbent upon you to use your power.

Baratunde’s Four Pillars of How to Citizen: Participate in society, relate to others, understand the power we have collectively, and apply that power for the good of the many, not just the few.