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The new federal relief package, called the American Rescue Plan, includes funding to give parents monthly payments and has the potential to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to families and communities. Many people are not aware of the large cash benefit or the importance of filing 2021 taxes by May 17 – even if you do not have an income.

Under the new federal stimulus plan if you have children, you could be entitled up to $3,600 per child, depending on their age. To claim these dollars, file your taxes for free by May 17th at By claiming these dollars and keeping them with our families, we can support businesses within our own community.

How to qualify:

• Your income must be below $112,500 if you are filing as a head of household

• Your income must be below $150,000 if you are joint filers

• You must have provided at least half of the child’s support during last year

• Your child must have lived with you for at least half the year (6 months or more)

• Most importantly – you must file your taxes before May 17th!

• As long as a 2020 tax return has been filed and processed, no additional action is required. The IRS will use the information from that return to calculate and forward payments. It is important to include all of your dependents to get the money that is yours. Learn more here on the official website of the IRS.

What payments to expect:

• $3,600 total for each child under 6 years old, $3,000 total for each child under 18 years old

• The Federal Government will pay out these sums in monthly cash payments starting in July 2021

• List all of your children! Children aged 18 – 24 may also qualify for $500 if they are still claimed as dependents

How to claim:

• Use trusted sources to avoid scams. works with IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers who will help you prepare your taxes for free

• If you have no income, you can still get this cash for your family. Simply file your taxes by May 17th

• If you have not received a stimulus check, you can still file your taxes to claim this cash. Simply file your taxes by May 17th