Jeanine Valrie Logan

Jeanine Valrie Logan


Meet Jeanine Valrie Logan

Jeanine Valrie Logan joins Chicago Beyond as part of our Leadership Venture and has been named our new Leader in Residence. 

Jeanine is a birth equity champion who works to address inequities in Black maternal health. She is currently working on the development of the Chicago South Side Birth Center, a nonprofit, Black midwife-led, culturally concordant, community-focused birth center to be located on Chicago’s South Side. 

The lack of supportive birthing options available to pregnant Black women and people on the South Side has created what the Chicago Tribune has called a birthing desert, forcing them to travel far beyond where they live to seek adequate prenatal care, and to deliver. In August of 2021, Jeanine’s work was influential in pushing through Illinois House Bill 738, which aims to expand access to birth centers across the City of Chicago.

Over the next two years, Chicago Beyond will support Jeanine with funding and professional support to successfully launch the Chicago South Side Birth Center.

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