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Supporting Youth in Foster Care Toward College Success

TasselTurn is an edtech nonprofit providing housing insecure youth and youth in foster care with custom plans to graduate from high school and attend college. Their virtual platform supports long-term planning, cognitive and non-cognitive skill building, and social-emotional development, areas not typically addressed through standard foster case management.

Our Investment

Chicago Beyond invested $400,000 in TasselTurn to help it become the top resource for post-secondary planning and college pathways for youth in foster care, aiming to reach the thousands of youth emancipated from the foster care system annually. This marked our first partnership in education technology, emphasizing the significance of investing in solutions crafted by and for impacted communities.

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Our Philosophy

Chicago Beyond amplifies the impact of solutions driven by those closest to the issues. We aim to notice, relate, and work differently, both as a funder and as a partner to those we invest in. By consistently applying these practices, we recenter humanity in philanthropy and all that we do.

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