FAQ and Submission

Funding and Partnership FAQs

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Chicago Beyond. We are always looking for ideas, individuals, and organizations that are creating equity for young people with a focus on youth aged 13+ and communities in Chicago. Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions about opportunities for partnerships and funding.

Q: How are selections made for Chicago Beyond partnerships?

A: When evaluating potential investment partners, Chicago Beyond values the following in organizations:

  • Alignment with Chicago Beyond’s values, mission, and North Star – to help Chicago’s Black and Brown young people and communities to be more free
  • A mission deeply rooted in young people, and in community experience, voice, and relationships
  • A demonstrated ability to connect with young people and community, and relevance of efforts to current youth and community needs
  • Collaborative relationships with others and/or ideas that build on one another
  • Adaptability to changing conditions and new knowledge
  • A demonstrated ability to reach communities with the greatest need
  • Potential for Chicago Beyond to support the strengthening of critical relationships in communities through your organization and its work

In addition, Chicago Beyond runs a variety of funds, each with its own focus. Examples include our Holistic Healing Fund, focused on healing work in communities, and our Rapid Response Fund, focused on organizations responding adaptively to immediate needs. Chicago Beyond will also assess potential partners for fit with the focus of the funds that are active at any particular time.

Q: How do I apply for funding?

A: There is no application or LOI; this is intended to not burden organizations’ time, or detract from the work you are doing.

  • If you would like to be considered for partnership or funding opportunities you can fill out the short form below with your name, best contact, the name of the organization, 1-2 sentences about the work you do, and a link to an organizational website or social media page (if available).

Q: What happens once I submit?

A: No further action is required from you! We consider organizations quarterly and will reach out if there is an available partnership or funding opportunity. If there is no current opportunity, we will continue to follow your organization through media, and through residents who benefit from your work. If an opportunity arises where your work could be a fit for partnership or funding, we will reach out at that time.