Healing Hurt People – Chicago



With an early investment from Chicago Beyond, Healing Hurt People – Chicago (HHP-C) has scaled up their program for hospital-based youth violence intervention, increasing their capacity and providing stronger case management for those they serve.

The Healing Hurt People-Chicago (HHP-C) program exists so that victims of violence may heal in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. HHP-C works with young people who are seen in the hospital emergency room for intentional injuries (gunshot, stab, or assault wounds). Often, while in the trauma unit, individuals who have been violently injured report their thoughts are to either change their way of life or retaliate.


Most often these youth return, without any supports, to the environment in which they were injured. HHP-C uses a trauma-informed approach to capitalize on this potentially life-changing moment and address the needs of these youth by providing connection to resources such as medical follow-up, emotional support for post-traumatic stress, mentoring, housing, substance abuse treatment, job training, parenting education and support, and the list goes on and on.


Together, with a team from Drexel University, we are learning from the early implementation so that HHP-C can continue to work to further refine and grow their impact.


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