We Are Here. Chicago Beyond’s New Home for Social Innovation.




A Space for All. In 2019, Chicago Beyond opened a new space that is a physical manifestation of our belief in the possibility of all young people and that we all belong. It is designed to serve the public in its openness to contemplation and conversation. It is a space that amplifies unlikely voices, radically reimagines individual participation in our collective liberation, and seeks to unabashedly stand for our youth. 

We hope what transpires in our space and beyond calls out injustice, calls in equity, and points the way toward a more fair and just future. A future that is embedded in the radical understanding that “I am not free until you are free.” And we all deserve to be free.

Why the West Loop. Outside of our walls, the surrounding neighborhood shares some of Chicago Beyond’s DNA in beautiful and interconnected ways. In the 1850’s, this area solidified Chicago as a leader in wholesale, manufacturing, and meatpacking. This neighborhood is also a place of resistance, where early protests of police brutality took place. It is a place of challenge and renewal, where some of the most city’s most dynamic energy – in restaurants and in enterprise – are taking shape. Today, Fulton Market is the nexus for entrepreneurs, artists, tech magnates and developers. Yet, over time, those who built up this area of our city have been pushed out. We believe our young people and communities of color belong here, too, in the same dynamism that is contributing to the renaissance of this neighborhood.

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Design + Purpose. This inclusive place of belonging was designed for others in the fight for equity tkkj to come and:

  • Grow their ideas
  • Build a stronger community of social innovators
  • Collaborate within the social impact space and across sectors
  • Activate the whole city of Chicago on behalf of our youth
  • Generate meaningful experiences to shift narratives around our youth

Space Activation: Events: Chicago Beyond’s new home has a dedicated space for our partners to work, showcase, and collaborate. We are also driven to utilize the space to build a stronger ecosystem among our nonprofit partners and other social impact organizations in Chicago. 

To learn more about Chicago Beyond’s new Home for Social Innovation, events, and partnerships, please email connect@chicagobeyond.org. 

As I think of this space, and who has the right to be here and be seen, it is truly all of us. It is the communities that we serve, it is our children. We see them. Here, we will be a force to be reckoned with. The good that will come from this space and be spread out into the world, will change what we know to be. We are here.