Holistic Healing Fund

Holistic Healing Fund


This is Chicago Beyond’s commitment to the freedom of all people through healing.


We do that by investing in places, and people that create space for people to be free.


Because we all deserve to be free.


About The Holistic Healing Fund

Young people are at the heart of Chicago Beyond’s work. They have voiced that holistic healing and restoration to health is what will allow them freedom to realize their fullest life potential. Adults, and elders whom they trust, affirm: this healing is necessary to achieve that freedom.  

Recognizing the long-standing need to support and invest in community wellness, Chicago Beyond’s Holistic Healing Fund is a multi-phased initiative and fund that promotes the restoration of health, a mindset shift, and theory of change around healing for organizations and systems investing in direct care. 

Chicago Beyond’s Holistic Healing Fund is designed to reach and impact  

  • Individuals investing in people and leaders of color who are providing direct healing services to those in their respective communities
  • Organizations and philanthropies investing in community-centric healing that empowers those in communities 
  • Narrative and meaning-makers investing in shifting narratives that can help influence perspectives, perceptions, and behaviors in healing  
  • Infrastructures and systems that can shift funding to more healing initiatives 

Holistic Healing Partners

This year, Chicago Beyond is reflecting on five years of investing in ideas, individuals, and opportunities that allow all young people to be free to achieve their fullest human potential. While all of Chicago Beyond’s past investments have embodied of spirit healing, the first investments through our Holistic Healing Fund establish our commitment to providing necessary resources to our communities to heal locally. Our newest investments include Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.). and Solutions and Resources

R.A.G.E. and S&R are two grassroots-driven organizations rooted in creating positivity and providing support through building community to address the needs of local community members through healing. With these investments, these organizations will work to build meaningful relationships between young people and leaders with personal experiences connected to healing from trauma.

What we mean by Holistic Healing

All young people deserve the opportunity to be free and live their fullest human potential. This includes the opportunity to be well, not only physically, but emotionally, socially, and structurally.  We know that the combination of disinvestment and structural racism has created conditions that take away those opportunities, in some cases showing up as traumatic experiences for our young people. 

Holistic healing means identifying and addressing toxicity which is developed from four different types of harm and instead focusing on the freedom to heal: 

    • Physical harm: Creating the space to heal and free the body from physical wounds and traumas impacting communities of color
    • Emotional harm: Freeing and healing the mind from mental suffering, distress, and psychological traumas impacting communities of color
    • Social Harm: Amplifying the beauty of true narratives in communities of color versus perpetuating oppressive written word
    • Structural Harm: Providing opportunities for communities of color to safely obtain basic needs while healing from barriers such as systemic racism and discriminatory policies standing in the way of that freedom

These four types of harm show up and impact the daily lives of our young people and communities, and they continue to present obstacles to living a full and free life.  

Who the Holistic Healing Fund is designed to impact

Individuals and organizations interacting in a substantial way with young people ages 13 and older who experience and live in Chicago’s historically disinvested neighborhoods; particularly, efforts that build meaningful and essential relationships with young people, or support adults and communities who support those young people and support their path to living a free and full life. That includes:

  • BIPOC leaders and BIPOC-led organizations, and leaders with personal experience connected to their work of healing  
  • Communities disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with significant loss of jobs and basic needs  
  • Systemic changes to center healing  
  • Efforts, including shifting narrative, that identify and uproot existing mindset, and rebuild from a fundamental belief in human potential 
  • For example, a common misinformed narrative: One study shows that 63% of African Americans believe that a mental health condition is a personal sign of weakness, and that healing is utilized for those who are “broken.” Instead of starting from a place of deficit in the human, shifting the narrative should be done to showcase strength and belief in human potential. 
  • Currently the Holistic Healing Fund is only Chicago-focused

Lastly, in addition to supporting our young people, a significant focus of the Holistic Healing Fund will be supporting the adults who support these young people. Experience and research show that young peoples’ wellness is closely linked to the wellness of the adults surrounding them.