Our Founder & CEO, Liz Dozier spoke with Community Room Podcast on September 14, 2022.

We first read about our guest on the ASCD website several months ago, as she was listed as a speaker there. What we were most fascinated by was that she went into Fenger, charged with “turning the school around” with her team, and embarked on a journey, that led to, what some would say, were unorthodox practices, in an urban high school. There were important realizations about what was happening there for these students and families, and what could really make a difference. And she and her team made a huge difference, to say the least. . And … what she has done since she left Fenger, is extraordinary, and is making so much impact in Chicago . I don’t want to spoil the story, as we will ask about this when we talk to her in just a second, but we know that you, too, will find her story and journey so instructive and inspiring!


“We are a community of possibilities, not a community of problems. Community exists for the sake of belonging and takes its identity from the gifts, generosity, and accountability of its citizens. It is not defined by its fears, its isolation, or its penchant for retribution. • We currently have all the capacity, expertise, programs, leaders, regulations, and wealth required to end unnecessary suffering and create an alternative future.”

― Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging