Our Chief Investment Officer, Shruti Jayaraman, spoke as a panelist at the Environmental Grantmakers Association webinar, “Embracing and Embedding a Trust-Based Culture.”

The session explored how funders can nurture and sustain trust internally in order to advance your trust-based goals externally.

For this session, Shruti Jayaraman joined with environmental movement and philanthropic leaders including Dimple Abichandani, Executive Director of General Service Foundation; Pia Infante, Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute; and Kim Moore Bailey Justice Outside’s President and CEO.

This was the second session of a 4-part webinar series hosted in partnership with the Environmental Grantmakers Association, Blue Sky Funders Forum, and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders. To learn more about the series you can click here.

You can download the presentation slides above.